Stretch Marks: Permanent or Temporary Problem?

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February 2, 2012


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Stretch Marks: Permanent or Temporary Problem?

Stretch marks can often take people by surprise when they first appear on the body. Depending on where they are, they may either be identified by the individual or by someone else, particularly if they are on the back or legs. The first question that usually springs to mind is ‘are stretch marks permanent?’

Technically speaking, stretch marks are scars, and like any other form of scar on the skin from any source; they will never heal and disappear completely. In that respect, they are most certainly permanent. However, the reassurance for most people is that if they discover a fresh stretch mark, red in color and often fairly obvious, it is unlikely to remain that way forever.

Managing Permanent Stretch Marks

The option open to most people when questioning whether stretch marks are permanent is some form of treatment. Various options are available, with a number of solutions being widely promoted by medical companies and treatment centers around the country. While they will never really go away, they can be tackled in such a way that their impact is reduced, with both their visibility and their texture reverting almost to that of normal skin.

stretch mark treatmentMost treatments work by augmenting the body’s natural defense systems. The stretch mark forms initially due to a rush of collagen sent to the affected area, whereby the body is preventing the skin from literally tearing apart as it struggles to keep up with the growth taking place within the body itself. This in itself is a defense mechanism, although the body takes little care of the resulting color or texture as long as any potential wound is prevented.

  • Some products that can be found in general stores include properties that assist the skin in ensuring that stretch marks are not overly visible. They either make the skin softer or firmer, depending on the product used. This have the converse effects of either making the skin more amenable to growth, or not giving much of an opportunity for a stretch mark to appear in the first place respectively. Both aloe oil and cocoa butter, together with a range of vitamin products have some kind of effect in the prevention and management of stretch marks. As mentioned, stretch marks are permanent and none of these remedies will cause them to disappear completely. They will, however, cause them to blend in and become barely visible in many cases.
  • Medical products are an extension of these natural remedies, which usually utilize those properties as part of their treatment. They generally include many ingredients so that they can be useful to a wide range of people. Everything from skin color to general health can affect the visibility of stretch marks, and so the more a product treats directly, the more useful it will be to a wider range of people.
  • Many people do not feel surgery to be required for their stretch marks as they wait for them to fade naturally or treat them in a more casual way. However, more severe cases can be treated through laser surgery. Again, it is impossible to eliminate the stretch mark entirely, but its size, shape and color can be managed to a great extent.


Stretch marks are permanent by their nature, but there are numerous options for sufferers allowing them to generally reduce the effects to the point that the stretch marks may as well not be there at all.

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  1. Kay Roberts
    February 13, 2012 at 8:59 am

    I do have stretchmarks on my legs. But they don't really give problem to me though. I wear pants. I always wear pants so they can't be seen.

  2. Kim
    March 4, 2012 at 7:53 am

    At the age of 16 I am already a mother... I am also a dancer and my problem is... I can not wear and I am not comfortable with my sexy costumes because I am too shy with my stretch marks on my tummy..I wish I could remove them..

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