What Are The Best Stretch Mark Removal Creams in 2012?

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September 24, 2010


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What Are The Best Stretch Mark Removal Creams in 2012?

Stretch marks are a very common problem and there are many products on the market which claim to either make the marks disappear completely or at the very least reduce their appearance dramatically. As up to 90% of women will be affected by stretch marks at one time in their life, choosing the right stretch mark cream to use to fight the problem can be a critical decision. We have reviewed and compared the best stretch mark creams and below you will find the truth about each cream.

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Trilastin Cream

stretch mark removalTrilastin is considered one of the most effective creams that has helped many people to reduce stretch marks. It is produced by EC Researcg Corp and unlike many other products on the market Trilastin uses a unique structural protein complex which contains a number of key ingredients including:

-Soy protein
-High potency elastin

All of these elements are needed for skin to be able to deal with stretch marks. It is made up of 100% amino acids. The ingredients in this product make it ideal not only for the removal of this type of scaring, but also a great way to prevent it in the first place. Trilastin really has revolutionized the way we deal with stretch marks, and you should definitely consider this cream.

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Skinception Cream


Skinception is a very popular cream that seriously reduces the appereance of stretch marks that have already appeared on your body and improves production of collagen and elastin – these two elements are responsible for elasticity of your skin. This means that as soon as you start using this cream, your skin will be protected from new stretch marks. Skinception cream uses the following active ingredients:


Clinical studies have demonstrated fantastic results of these ingredients. For example patients who used Registril got a 72% improvement in the depth of stretch marks after applying the ingredient for just 8 weeks. All these ingredients make Skinception cream incredibly effective and many women who used it were happy with the results.

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Revitol Cream

stretch mark removal cream

Revitol is a natural product that can work really well with reducing the appearance of existing stretch marks and preventing them. The makers also claim that Revitol can be used before and during pregnancy to prevent these scars appearing in the first place. All the ingredients in Revitol are natural and include such things as;

-Aloe Vera
-Squalene oil
-Vitamin A
-Vitamin D3
-Grape seed extract
-Vitamin E

These ingredients are mixed in a precise way and lead to a formula that is ideal for giving skin back its elasticity. This stretch mark cream also encourages your skin to produce new cells which can further help with the avoidance of stretch marks. If you already have stretch marks then Revitol works to make them far less noticeable. This product has proved successful for many people and it you should begin to see results within a few weeks.

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