Does Cocoa Butter Really Remove Stretch Marks?

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July 24, 2010


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Does Cocoa Butter Really Remove Stretch Marks?

Nowadays there are many possible options for people hoping to deal with stretch marks. The cocoa butter stretch marks remedy is just one possible solution. Many individuals favor this option because not only is it very cheap but it is also completely natural. These blemishes on the skin are something that we have had to deal with since the dawn of civilization. There have been many cures touted over the years and the cocoa butter stretch marks remedy is one of the best of them. The reason that people have used this substance for thousands of years is that it can work; at least partially anyway.

What Causes Stretch Marks?

There are two main causes of stretch marks and one of them is overstretching the skin; you probably guessed that from the name. The other cause of stretch marks is a change in the hormone balance in the body which causes the dermis to be less able to heal and to remain healthy. It is often a combination of these two factors that causes the problem. For instance, in pregnancy women will endure a lot of stretching in certain areas of their bodies and their hormone balance will also be affected by this. Pregnancy is not the only cause of stretch marks though, and anything that causes stretching to the skin or affects the hormone balance can lead to the problem. Some people seem to be a lot more susceptible than others.

Does Cocoa Butter Really Remove Stretch Marks?

Yes! The way that the cocoa butter stretch marks remedy works has been studied and we now have a good understanding of it – it is no old wives tale. The cocoa butter is absorbed by the skin and when it gets down deep enough it begins repairing damaged tissue. This can cause the scaring on the skin to become less noticeable. As already mentioned here you are using 100% natural ingredients so there is less worry of nasty side effects.

The cocoa butter stretch remedy does produce some good results, but don’t expect too much. It is not the most effective method for removing these scars and for most people the results will be quite modest. It is a cheap way of dealing with the problem though, and this is why many people will choose to use it.

How Does Cocoa Butter Compare With Other Treatments?

There are better solutions for treating stretch marks, and the good news is that these don’t need to be expensive. Laser surgery is a common option, but this can cost thousands of pounds and is way beyond the budget of most people. There are also some far cheaper solutions. This website gets to review all of the stretch mark treatments and the one that constantly gets the most praise is a product called Trilastin. This product has already helped thousands of people and can be used to treat existing stretch marks and to stop them arriving in the first place.

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