What are White Stretch Marks and How to Get Rid of Them

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January 4, 2012


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What are White Stretch Marks and How to Get Rid of Them

White stretch marks, alongside their redder counterparts, are the two most common marks found when the skin has been broken due to growth spurts, weight gain or numerous other changes to the body. In this article you will learn what are white stretch marks and how to get rid of them.

What are White Stretch Marks?

White stretch marks, aside from their color, are characterized by being particularly thin. They appear more as threads than larger marks and are generally less noticeable. However, many find them to be deeper than red stretch marks with their presence being particularly obvious when running a finger along the afflicted area.

The actual formation of stretch marks is caused by collagen. This substance is the main part of connective tissues and basically acts to hold various parts of the body together, such as tendons, ligaments and in the case of stretch marks, the skin. As the body grows through various means, the collagen is rapidly deployed to the stretched areas to ensure that the skin does not simply tear apart. Unfortunately, the body has little time to ensure that the color of the collagen matches the skin, leaving the person with stretch marks, which are essentially fillings to ensure that the skin stays together.

how to get rid of white stretch marksAlmost all stretch marks are noticed when they are red. This is the early stage of the filling. As they get older they also proceed to get lighter, until they eventually turn white. This indicated a more matured stage of the body holding the skin together. It is also final in terms of leaving a lasting impression – without further treatment, the stretch marks are permanent and unlikely to disappear, especially in later life.

Removing White Stretch Marks

There are three main methods for removing stretch marks. Many people who are not content to simply live with them initially attempt natural removal methods. The next step can be specially formulated products that are designed to alter the skin. Finally, the most extreme but often most successful step is surgery. It is important to remember that treatments for stretch marks either disguise or neutralize their appearance rather than getting rid of them completely. The full disappearance of stretch marks is relatively rare.

  • Natural remedies. As with many medical conditions, many people swear by certain homemade methods when deciding how to get rid of white stretch marks. The most popular component of many home-made recipes is cocoa butter. It works by both moisturizing the skin and making it more flexible in the areas to which it is applied. Dry skin can be particularly susceptible to stretch marks, making cocoa butter one of the more successful methods. Its usefulness is well known, with many professional products even incorporating it into the recipe.
  • Medical products. Most professional treatments for stretch marks come in the form of creams which must be applied directly to the afflicted area. In the same way as cocoa butter, they treat the skin in such a way that the likelihood of the appearance of stretch marks is reduced and existing stretch marks are either disguised or reduced in size. No product guarantees success. As stretch marks are scars, no cream can remove them completely. However, they can reduce the cosmetic effects and also reduce the likelihood of white stretch marks appearing if used as a preventative measure. Most users of medical products report the best results when the stretch marks are treated as early as possible.
  • Surgery. The most common form of surgery is laser surgery, although various techniques are practiced around the world. The treatment of white stretch marks is actually one of the simplest procedures in the surgical profession. It is completely non-invasive and takes around thirty minutes for a full procedure. There is also a very low likelihood of any pain or discomfort, with most people who opt for surgery needing literally no recovery time. The surgery works in a similar way to the removal of most other types of scar tissue. The laser breaks down the scar tissue, encouraging the body to replace it with healthy tissue. This healthy tissue is generally much closer to the normal skin color and virtually identical in texture. As before, it is impossible to eliminate white stretch marks entirely, but their unusual texture and coloring can be reduced by up to 75 per cent through surgery.

The severity of stretch marks varies from person to person and can depend on the exact cause of the stretch marks, plus their skin color. When considering how to get rid of white stretch marks, it can be important to consider all possibilities. Many will fade over time, but where this is not an option, many individuals will find various measures of success from the various products and treatments available both from healthcare stores and medical facilities.

The exact results will vary, but can certainly be worth a try as many basic remedies are relatively inexpensive, although surgery can become costly, particularly for those who require numerous sessions to begin to see results.

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