How do Stretch Marks on the Back Appear?

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January 22, 2012


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How do Stretch Marks on the Back Appear?

The back is where many individuals will first notice stretch marks, particularly during their teenage years. As with most stretch marks, they start out with a reddish tone, eventually turning white or silver as they mature. To the uninitiated, they can be rather alarming, appearing to be a form of impact mark. However, they are completely natural and nothing to worry about.

There are numerous falsities associated with stretch marks on the back, often made popular as incorrect information is passed on from one person to another as they encounter the problem. Some people, for example, believe that they may have acquired stretch marks on their back due to an incorrect posture while either seated or standing. However, this is highly unlikely. While stretch marks are caused by the skin being extended, the posture is neither stressful enough nor quick enough to cause the marks themselves.

stretch marks on backInstead, stretch marks on the back are caused in a similar way to other parts of the body, with rapid growth occurring faster than the skin can keep up. Rather than allowing for tears in the skin, it rapidly fills any potential tears with collagen, causing the red and eventually white marks to appear. The back is somewhat unusual in that it is not usually associated with fat deposits. The thighs and stomach, on the other hand, often attract fatty deposits to cause the growth required for stretch marks to form.

How do Stretch Marks on the Back Appear?

The most common time for stretch marks to appear on the back is during puberty. As with many other parts of the body, the back gets larger naturally during this time and often at an accelerated rate. Almost everyone knows someone who grew a couple of feet in a noticeably short period of time. This is the kind of person that will experience stretch marks on the back at this stage in life. They most commonly appear on the lower back, particularly in females, as the stress of the growth of the back muscles and hips concurrently can have a particularly damaging effect on the skin tissue.

Alternatively, the back is one of the main focus areas for those exercising with the intention of building muscle. While fat on the back is uncommon, the muscles are some of the strongest in the body and will develop as part of any upper body workout. Again, muscle development is quickest during the teenage years, but frequent muscle building exercises can cause stretch marks on the back at any point in life.

Treating Stretch Marks

For some, stretch marks on the back are so common that they are generally accepted. While they can be somewhat unsightly initially, the white or silver tone that they develop as they age generally stands out to a much smaller extent.

Those who do prefer to treat or prevent the marks often purchase either cocoa butter or a product that uses it as a key ingredient. A particularly common combination is using a stick of cocoa butter to directly treat the area, and then using a lotion that contains both the same ingredient and various vitamin supplements to support the initial application. They serve to make the skin more flexible and adaptable to changes, allowing them to act as both a preventative measure and a treatment. Neither will make stretch marks disappear entirely, but will often reduce their visibility to a significant extent.

The stretch marks can also be treated by the direct application of vitamin capsules. Instead of swallowing them, they are broken open and the liquid inside is applied to the stretch mark. A lack of vitamins C and E in the body have a very real effect on the creation of stretch marks and adding such vitamins from other sources aids the body in repairing itself.

It can be important to remember that stretch marks on the back do eventually end up almost disappearing on their own. They will never truly disappear completely as they are scars. However, over a period of years, they will almost blend in to the skin and whereas they can initially be very rough or obvious to the touch, even this wears off over time.

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