Tattoos to Cover Stretch Marks

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November 12, 2011


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Tattoos to Cover Stretch Marks

In recent years many younger women have had a tattoo, either hidden by their clothes or on the shoulder or ankle; fewer women will have tattoos on their arms. A growing number of women who are troubled by post pregnancy stretch marks may also choose to have a tattoo over the stretch marks in order to hide them.

If you want to know whether tattoos hide your stretch marks or make them look worse, then you need to consider the kind of stretch marks you have and to what extent they may be disguised or accentuated by a tattoo.

Can You Tattoo Over Stretch Marks?

Some women may not have considered that they might hide stretch marks with a tattoo. Tattooing over stretch marks is certainly possible, but may not be advisable in all cases. If you are not sure about whether to have tattoos over your stretch marks then you may want to consider getting some professional advice before you do. Tattoos tend to look better over small areas of stretch marks, as a tattoo over a large area may only serve to accentuate the damage to your skin.

Tattoos Over Stretch Marks

Some women have tattoos over stretch marks without giving due consideration as to whether the tattoo will work, and whether their skin is sufficiently healed to cope with a tattoo. Stretch marks appear when the epidermis or lower layer of skin is damaged, this usually happens when the skin has been stretched, as it is in pregnancy, and then loses its elasticity. Tattooing over stretch marks may be a more painful process than having normal tattoos because the skin is damaged and thinner than normal.

If you do have post pregnancy stretch marks, you should wait at least a year before you consider tattoos. Old scars tend to hold tattoo ink better than recent stretch marks. You should also wait a year because it will give your skin a bit of time to recover before it is tattooed. Experts advise that you have a small tattoo to see how that works and if it looks okay then you might decide to have tattoos on stretch marks over a larger area.

Tattoos to Cover Stretch Marks

Providing you wait a year before you undertake to have tattoos to cover stretch marks, it’s worth starting with a very small tattoo to begin with. Black ink does not fade in the same way as some colored inks when you have a tattoo over stretch marks but there is a possibility that the ink will run, staining the skin next to the tattoo. For the best results in using tattoos to cover stretch marks, you need an experienced tattoo artist. You should not try to use a tattoo to cover a raised stretch mark as the process doesn’t work on these types of scars.

It can take a lot longer for a tattoo artist to use tattoos to cover stretch marks than it does for them to tattoo unscarred skin. While the process may differ depending on the individual and the nature of their scars, tattooing over stretch marks can take as much as three times as long as a normal tattoo.

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  1. Riya
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    After reading the article , I know that we can hide our stretch marks with the tattoos.

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